dwell :: 5 Hot Tips to Remember When Planning Your Desert Prefab

Building a successful home in the desert means being conscious of the region's elements and understanding both the challenges and opportunities. Luckily, prefab homes are inherently well-suited for the harsh desert climate.

The allure of prefab is based on three main components: it's efficient, economical, and ecologically-minded. The homes can be erected in record time with minimal intrusion on the landscape. Additionally, the components are generally light and precise, allowing for a foundation that's flexible to the rocky soils of the region. Fabricated with long-lasting materials and finishes that ensure longevity and low maintenance, prefab homes provide a comfortable living space even under severe weather conditions. 

 To learn more about five best-practice measures to consider when designing your desert oasis, from site placement to successful layout strategies , check out my original article on dwell.com

dwell :: 10 Ways to Solve Storage Problems in Small Spaces

Downsizing your life in order to live small sometimes requires creative ninja moves to find adequate storage.

Having spaces to stow away belongings in underutilized areas is critical to maintaining one's sanity in cramped quarters. Luckily, there are plenty of clever furnishings that do double duty as storage. Finding areas within framed building elements can also be instrumental in carving out space—from storage under stairs to bookshelves built into walls. To learn more about space saving ideas to employ when every inch of living space is critical, check out ten suggestions featured in my article on dwell.com.   

dwell :: Light into dark spaces

I've started writing online articles for Dwell.com. Last week I debuted my first post, concentrating on getting light into dark spaces of your home: 

Maintaining a light-filled interior can be difficult, especially if you’re moving into a compact apartment within a dense development or renovating a cramped, outdated structure.

In homes where tricky locations or close neighbors limit window space, you can still find opportunities to implement innovative solutions that will help bring the outdoors in. This is particularly important in the darker months of winter when that seasonal funk sets in. In an effort to bring light into your dimmest spaces, we’ve rounded up ten effective strategies, check them out here