10 Insights into the Design Mind of Philippe Starck

Initially posted on the blog freshome, this list of insights from household design icon Philippe Starck was intriguing simply because it seemed so honest and humbling. For someone who has produced an amazing of amount of creative and inovative products and spaces, to continually find new ideas but never be satisfied with what he's completed was surprising. His methods are obsessive, compulsive and, no doubt, unhealthy.

Not really ever having read much about the man himself I would've assumed someone with a larger than life ego, but this doesn't appear to be the case. He sounds like a true artist trying to keep himself as genuine as he can, while things build up around him. What I get most out of this is the sense of grounding, a place to go that's familiar, a person that will put up with your creative insanity, a proven method of producing a product/space/idea that you can call upon again and again with proven results. Although the end results are continually different the routine seems to mainain and that is what I found the most enlightening and educational.