Scandinavian inspired

What I love about this Scandinavian inspired house located in Santa Monica is the simplicity of the plan, the small details and the abbreviated palette. I think that these three things are crucial to a successful space, especially when you're given a small site to work with. People like the look and feel of a space that can be intuitively deciphered, that's why we are drawn to symmetrical layouts or a balanced hierarchy of spaces, classic systems. What brings these spaces into a contemporary setting are the surprises within the classic layout, the modern use of materials, the details that create a uniqueness to the space.

For instance, the detail of the floor finish change beneath the floating fireplace - genius. A field of bleached wood floor whose only interruption is a perfect circle of white stones mirroring the hearth above.  One might call this a gesture, thereby rooting the seating area and creating a place for the eye to land and focus within the openness of the living area.