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I wear many hats, a commercial project designer by day, mom by afternoon and, when given the opportunity to create, I go by Yellow Wood Design.  I love photography, jewelry, fashion, font. All of these interests inform how I see the world and how I create space, this blog is my attempt to curate those passions.

This is the beginning of my adventure. To cultivate a culture unique in it's modern sensibility and local context. My goal is to start way in the future and work backwards, to cultivate that 10 year plan and kick it's butt!! What is the 10 year backwards plan? 

I love photography, jewelry, fashion, font.

What do I see in my future? Updating coastal homes, making them more energy efficient for the next 100 years, but allowing the coastal history to carry through, the remnants of coastal holidays. The coast is also a perfect place to engage the prefab revolution. Those tight home sites with amazing trees and limited utilities, the prefab modules are ideal. Plus they would be easy to add to as families grew and generations created a coastal haven.

Moving on from the coast (can you tell I need to get away!), I look forward to working with families to expand their homes and add to the existing Portland architectural fabric with local commercial projects as well.  Which also entails engaging with local businesses, collaborating with local governments for available grant monies and support. 

With this blog I hope to inspire and cultivate an ongoing dialogue of what is comfortably modern, one that is effortless and simple as it looks to both the past and the future for it's inspiration.