Fancy stair treads

I really enjoyed this post at homed all about fancy stair treads. Maybe because I also have a nice flight of stairs that seem to be screaming for some type of pizzazz. This will definitely give me some good ideas to think about....


Everyone tries to personalize his home by adding some interesting drawings or happy colors on the walls. But there are some parts of the house that most of us forget to embellish because they are almost hidden or because at first sight they seem only details. But we shouldn’t forget that details accomplish the perfection!

Now think about your stair risers. Are they personalized in any way? Probably not, so you should think about giving them some attention. The result will be amazing by the effect they’ll give to the entire house. You can draw or paint something on your own or you can require the help of some specialized companies. One option can be the pre-stenciled risers from Royal Design Studio.

First two images present you examples of classy graphic wallpaper which will harmonize your home design. The third version of wallpaper will distinguish by its bright yellow color which will bring a little joy to your house. The forth stencil is a more neutral one, which will fit any design and will give it more elegance. And the last but not the least, the forth stencil is created in the studio of Tamotsu Yagi Design and it’s suitable for the ones who prefer a simple colored design. After seeing these photos I am sure you will consider decorating your stair risers in a way that suites you best. You just can’t resist the joy of colors!{found doorsixteen,2&3,4,and 5, 6&7}.