Early spring inspiration

This spate of warm Portland weather has really made me start daydreaming about spring. Nature hikes were rewarded with budding pink flowers and chartreuse green leaves, coiled in a tight package ready to explode if given the right dose of warmth and rain.  

These colors are spring time inspiration! I've recently signed up for daily color hits via Design Seeds.com, it's a godsend on those incredibly grey days that seem to populate our winter. Here's a recent color dose that's channeling this weekend's nature walk, titled Spring Brights:


I'm always impressed with designers who can channel a certain mood or experience with color. Check out this lovely pink sofa with built-ins backed in pinks and purples. The organic elements are conveyed through the branch art panels and the woody floral stems. The white field color is clean, modern and lets the textures take center stage. This palette is incredibly cool, the white floors, the white walls - the only hint of warmth peeks out as wooden chair legs.  


Courtesy of Shawn Penoy Interiors 

This interior pairs the vibrant greens with pops of the reds and oranges so popular today. The graphic nature of the reading chair with the punchy Marimekko fabric gets all the attention in this citrus hued room. 

 Courtesy of Living Etc.


These living rooms, although more traditional in styling, rely on pillows with strong floral graphics and rich saturated colors of fuchsia and coral. In these examples I particular like the fact that the sofas are very neutral, a white and a grey.  By themselves, on a showroom floor they would probably not stand out, but paired with bright accents like the pillows, the red-orange walls and the green lattice wallpaper - the sofas become the foundation by which all these fun colors can succeed.


I've always loved color, and so I'm definitely attracted to these spaces. But everyone has an enviroment that they find the most comfortable and inspiring based on a memory, a vision or even springtime hikes. So as much as you remember the event, take time to make a mental note of the colors and the textures and re-invent your space accordingly!