10 Best Apps for Architects - via ArchDaily

Ok, I admit to having 6 different camera apps on my iphone, with the idea of each being perfect for a particular application. Not that that perfect application oportunity comes up often, or in some cases ever, but a girl can dream!! The perfect money shot lost all because of the lack of a certain fog filter, bummer.

Anyway, so adding these 10 apps to my already jammed iphone or ipad is probably not in the cards but it's great to know what's out there. Of these top 10, I'm definitely a fan of those Houzz photos, perfect for researching that new deck or room layout options. Instagram is a no brainer, of course. The sketchbook and evernote seem like they would be worth trying, for on the go inspirations and ideas. The steel app would be nice paired with a wood framing app that broke out nominal sizes, or teamed up with a construction calculator. I mean adding 3 1/8 to 42 3/32 is the least my iphone can do for me, right?