This week has been absolutely gorgeous, thanks to some quintessential fall weather and stunning leaf colors. Leaf peepers assemble!! (Sorry, I'm super stoked about Anchorman 2 hitting theatres soon.....)

For a bit, it looked like the winter rain had started and autumn had been skipped, but that was just a little miscommunication - it's all good! So, the sweaters, the tights, the boots - there all in full force here in Portland. Might as well get cozy and enjoy this week's best links...

1. This amazing oil painting is courtesy of artist Emma Cowney. She employs a technique termed "refractionism", which animates the color hit by light by separating the components into color blocks. It's similar in concept to stained glass, where colors are separated by a thick line of solder. I love how these trees just glow, just like they have been this week! Check out her other paintings, they are just as fabulous. 

2. Wondering wether I can pull these temporary Halloween tattoos off as office casual? I mean, it's got to be better than meeting with clients sporting a 2 foot tall pink beehive wig?

3. When you're tired of trolling for your gently used mid-century furniture on Craigslist, check out Fleapop. An online flea market where people buy and sell furniture through their virtual boutiques. All styles of decor seem to be represented & the prices are reasonable. 

4. Enjoy reading how designer Patricia Urquiola came up with the design for the new Hosu seat for Coalesce, I can't deny that I think it would make this online task a little more comfortable! 

5. Looking to stay inspired by taking this list seriously, courtesy of GOOD. Ha! I just realized something on that list goes against my "if this desk is a wreck, there's some creativity going on here" approach I spoke about in this post...