inspired interiors :: anne's living room - round two

Ok, now that you've had a chance to take in my first go round with my initial options for Anne's living room, take a gander at round two. To recap, we begin with the elements of an existing mid-century modern grey case study couch and some vivid orange chairs. In this scheme I focused more on a subdued, natural palette rather than the previous pops of color. Let's break down these elements and see which is the best fit... 


Natural elegance

1>> This scheme begins with a wall of phenomenal wood shelves, whether they be built-ins or a vintage piece of furniture as shown in this photo, the impact is huge. An assortment of personal books, ceramics, flowers and found objects create a unique story. Again, similar to a gallery wall of art, this is a dynamic space that can change and transform as objects are added and deleted. An additional perk to these shelves is the warm natural wood tone they impart to the space and the bonus storage.

2>> The pillows chosen for this scheme are made of honest natural materials such as linen, unbleached cotton and hemp. The graphics are embroidered, sewn or beaded on to the surface conveying a sense of handcrafted elegance. Source: Jonathan Adler 

3>> This side table is a custom one-of-a-kind sculptural piece. The organic ovals are grouped to resemble smooth pebbles and visually, the wood stain coordinates with the shelves. The sky blue Alberta Table Lamp is a contemporary interpretation of a vintage glazed ceramic piece and both items are made locally in Portland. Every room benefits from elements with a great story, and these are sure to be conversation starters. Sources: Michael Arras on Etsy, Caravan Pacific

4>> Some times you have a space that requires a couple of rugs based on the layout, so I've proposed these two - either in different areas of the room or layered. Layering works best starting with a flat weave rug, which in this case is the Green Parish Kilim Rug and the higher tufted rug above. This lush wool rug is dramatic with nature's colors of lichen, avocado and meadow. By providing the flooring in a variety of green hues, the room is visually rooted in a virtual essence of a grassy meadow further establishing the natural spirit of the room. Source: Jonathan Adler, Y Living

5>> I couldn't resist including this pendant light with its stunning copper shade. The surface of this fixture will reflect all the natural sunlight within this living room with a warm metallic glow. Copper is a mineral found naturally in nature and, therefore, blends seamlessly with the other components within the space. Source: Tom Dixon

6>> Last but certainly not least, the coffee table. Since the bulk of our storage can be taken care of by the shelving, we have the opportunity to choose a lighter more ethereal item. The Roll Cocktail Table is a playful acrylic centerpiece with a modern fluidity. Although this may seem in contrast with the natural woods and materials in the room, there's no reason to stay steadfast with any one material, a room shouldn't take itself too seriously and it should always allow you to convey your personality, which is never one note! Source: Y Living

The paint colors I chose for this living room are crisp and warm, grounded by a beautiful pewter grey that I could see on the walls nearest that copper pendant.  This living room embodies the best qualities of the outdoors in its colors, layers and warmth. By establishing the colors of grass, wood, earth and sky in a fanciful way through interior components this living room is rooted in nature, but retains a timeless quality. 

So, here you have it - which redo speaks to you? What would you add or edit from these ideas?