It's October, I went to the grocery store yesterday & was greeted by my Halloween nemesis. Candy corn: so innocent, cute & colorful - I fall for them every time. I feel like the minute I see them, I develop tunnel vision, I must have them & then devour as many as I can! It never ends well, the love quickly turns sour & yet every year I return.... The best of the week, not including candy corn:

1. Stumbled upon this amazing site called maptia. A new site that holds as it's manifesto to promote travel, stories, adventures and global community building. As a member you can submit a story, connect to places of interest on interactive maps and share your photos. The photo essay on the Italian Riviera is worth checking out.

2. I've long been a supporter of Therese Murdza and these colorful canvases are easing me into the season....

3. I've enjoyed getting to know more about this site Be Your Own Beloved, which strives to cultivate self-love through self-portraiture. 

4. I never tire of reading Jess Lively's blog, Designing a Life with Intention. Being more engaged in my decisions and life course is something I'm constantly at work on. Staying inspired on a daily basis is not without some effort and the posts on Jess' blog are always timely and definitley resonate.

5. A pop of color in your in-box is a sure fire way to be inspired. Get fabulous palettes via designseeds

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