the week's best

Julia Rothman has long been a favorite of mine - her sketchy playful patterns can now be seen on a ton of stuff including wallpaper, i-phone cases, tea towels, all sorts of home goods. A major part of her appeal is how transparent she is with regards to her process, her pricing and her career growth. Who knows how many creatives her advice has helped out and in return, allowed others to reach out with their insight. I'm a huge fan of collaboration and shared creative knowledge! With that - I share with you this week's best... 

1. Learning so much about how to channel personal fear into positive career moves on the Braid Creative blog

2. "Don't pause, stay on the bus!" What? Learn more at & Kathleen

3. You need a pop of art, right? This will hit the spot! Don't forget to check out the t-shirts and hoodies, completely one of a kind.

4. Designer Vaca, A Vacation for Pretty Pixel Pushers? Why do web and graphic designers get all the fun, this would be the perfect format to create more community between architects/designers. 

5. Speaking of community, I encourage you to support my amazingly creative friend Joni Kabana in her goal to create makeshift photography studios in rural Africa, where many families have no photographs of their elders and loved ones. The volunteer organization that she created to progress this goal is called Prints for Prints and relies on donations of prints from photographers all around the world that are then sold to finance this mission. The group leaves for Ethiopia mid-month, but there's still incredible prints for purchase to benefit their cause.