the week's best

It's serious mushroom season here in the Pacific Northwest. They come up everywhere, loving our muddy wet soil & leafy ground cover. Thing is, our urban mushrooms are the brown, cream variety nothing like the vivid image above which at first glance could be a tropical coral reef full of anemones & sea flora! Artist/photographer Jill Bliss has a way of taking the ordinary and transforming it completely, see more of her work at society6, your go to for art - with a story.

Enjoy some of the best links of the week....

1. Lately I've been looking for some personal inspiration on the matter of success, I found some helpful ideas to focus on here

2. This would surely indicate success....

3. Of course everyone has their own personal definition of success and fulfillment. I tend to get sucked in to personal stories with the best of them, always curious as to how people made it from there to here with their idea. The site of a kind is a fabulous place to get unique goods and to meet the designers they support. 

4. Speaking of designers, I'd like to send a shout out about my friend Monica, who along with her friends in the sportswear industry, started the clothing company Emit. Awesome colors and striking cut-outs make these pieces truly unique. 

5. I can't end this without asking for your support for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, our local Mercy Corps' seasoned emergency responders are on the ground and working with partners to rush lifesaving relief to survivors.