PLASTOLUX is keeping it modern

I have recently stumbled upon the design site PLASTOLUX and see it as a resource not to be missed. Created by a multidisciplinary designer with obviously many daily hours logged in culling through blogs, magazines and other inspirational material, the site focuses on mid-century and contemporary design. Or a blend of both, the best type of design in my opinion! The site has selections in many categories, there are great finds under headings like modern homes, interiors, landscaping, lighting, art - but the site is distinct in it's focus on Modern DIY and is documenting the modernization of a common track house by customizing the finishes as it's being built and items selected. Also, postings termed "The Method Behind" lend insight into the daily lives and work of artists, fabricators and designers allowing them to discuss their craft and process. I love pretty pictures as much as the next guy, but I definitely appreciate the attempt to showcase design as something that surrounds us and is part of our everyday life and society. Breaking down the process of an artist or a fabricator, or showing a series of DIY efforts lifts the veil on design being intimidating and allows us to incorporate these approaches ourselves.