Art junkie

So, when we moved to our current house 3 or so years ago, we had a lot more walls to ourselves - more space to decorate. One thing we learned from selling our last house was not to wait to do some easy and economical fixes right away instead of when you're staging your house for sale. So right away we painted the upstairs common areas: living room, dining room, foyer, bathroom and kitchen.  One thing that my husband and I agree with is that aesthetic of someone who's been collecting art for their whole life and has an eclectic, story-laden house imbued with this creative energy - we agree but we haven't successfully been able to sustain this, we don't know a lot of artists, we don't have money when the opportunity arises, sometimes we don't always agree (I'm a fan of prints (think Hatch) and he's a fan of paintings). I know it's a journey, but we're moving along this road in fits and bursts. 

I see stuff I like all the time, so I would like to curate this art on this blog as well. I had found an artist I loved at a local show 6 years ago - Matt Condron. His empty waiting rooms and colorful plastic chairs really resonated with me.  I took a postcard and filed it in my brain for a time when I had a lot of white walls to fill. The first month in our new house I got in touch with Matt and let him know how much I loved his stuff, then he let me know how much his stuff went for and I'm still a fan.... from a distance. Ha. The gallery that shows Matt's work is George Billis Gallery in LA, a place I haven't ever been but one that apparently showcases amazing artists.

This month's show features Terry Thompson. For some reason I'm a sucker for oil paintings of inanimate objects, forlorn things that have a lot of history but that are rendered so fantastically that they almost look like photographs. Many of Terry's paintings depict old neon signs that are aged and decayed, he describes finding them on back roads and old towns. Both Matt and Terry's paintings mesh my love of font, color, history and pure artistic talent.