Women in Architecture

More and more press is being devoted to women in the profession of architecture since the signature campaign started over Denise Scott Brown's lack of inclusion in the 1991 Pritzker Prize awarded to her husband Robert Venturi (see my May 11th post). Architectural Record is advertising special coverage in June of a feature page titled Women In Architecture Now, which currently includes an essay about women architects crashing (or not crashing) the boys club, a slideshow titled Women's Voices/Women's Work which solicits comments from the most notable women designers of today and a speech by RECORD editor in chief Cathleen McGuigan who speaks about women in architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. In reading the comments and watching this video, what I notice the most is a consistency in wanting to be relevant for being an architect, not a woman architect. I appreciate that this issue has come to the forefront lately, but now I am anxious to discuss the possible solutions and what we need to do to create a better culture for future women architects.