Happy Friday everyone! It feels like a long week for some reason, so I'm really looking forward to this weekend, even if it is supposed to be VERY wet & there are several kid soccer games on the docket. It's fall, break out the gear and embrace the season!
Here are my fave sites of the week, enjoy...
1. I'm a big fan of prints, especially screen prints and block prints. I especially enjoy when multiple types are mashed together to create a mixed print collage. I ran across Freya Cumming, a Scottish artist whose prints employ this style of collage. The colorful screen printed hot air balloons aloft over the dark urban rooftop silhouettes makes my imagination run wild. Check it out.
2. The fall weather has reinvigorated my search for the perfect boots, why oh why is it so hard to find the one! Of course, when you're not on the hunt - they are coming out of the woodwork! I was recently told to check out 6pm.com, now I'm spending way too much time there... mostly looking at boots, I swear!
3. Enjoying the Makeshift Society's Kickstarter campaign video, lucky thing next week's payday - I'm totally on board. First in San Fran, now Brooklyn, next stop Portland?
4. Great business tips via Oh My! Handmade Goodness. This site has a great marketplace resource made up of their membership base of creative entrepreneurs. 
5. This is a great site to visit and subscribe to. Showcasing the many people making progress towards doing GOOD with public outreach, community engagement & grass roots power.