lighting roundup :: wood, bronze & knotty bubbles

I was pleasantly surprised with my most recent copy of the Fall 2014 Rejuvenation Catalog, which highlighted collaborations with Portland designers creating limited edition fixtures. I love these beautiful brass pendants and table lamps, there's something very mid-century about the distinct seam between the solid and the shade, like the perfect cocktail shaker! This line was created by Cedar & Moss, the more sculptural ceramic and wood table lamps were done in collaboration with Caravan Pacific. This melding of mineral (brass/bronze) and glass or wood and ceramic is a trend that has been steadily growing stronger these last several years, prompted by the intrinsic tactile qualities of each of the elements and their purity of form.   

Schoolhouse Electric is another local Portland go-to source for beautiful and creative lighting fixtures. I just realized now that I unintentionally chose 3 light fixtures with very similar bowl shaped shades, hmm, I guess I'm really digging on that shape. I certainly appreciate all the pops of color and texture these fixtures provide, especially when grouped as a chandelier, like this persimmon number. This multifaceted pendant, which comes with either a clear shade or white, is stunning in it's uniqueness - no two would be alike. I could see a few of these scattered over a huge wood butcher block kitchen island, again that dialogue between the natural elements of wood, bronze, glass and rock crystals (implied crystals, but you get the idea….) 

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to highlight these fixtures created by Brooklyn lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. When I first happened on this line of fixtures at Roll and Hill, I had to look at them 3 or 4 times to get an idea of what I was even looking at, to be honest I don't think they photograph very well on a white background, kind of a hot mess. But when I started looking at installation photos of these things, they were stunning!

In much the same way you want to feel your way around the bronze globes and smooth ceramics of the light fixtures above, these pieces are over the top tactile with hefty knots, glass bubbles, and (what they call) ceramic barnacles. These light fixtures are appropriately named Knotty Bubbles, the largest coming at you with 5 large bubbles, 3 small bubbles and 5 barnacles all mashed (entwined?) in natural or khaki rope. I love how these look grouped under the skylight, I can imagine the shadows they would create in the spaces below as the sun moves above. They have that washed-up-on-the-beach quality which instantly imparts it with a rich curious history, perhaps full of knotty tales (sorry, I couldn't help myself)!