New + old inspiration :: McLaren.Excell

Kicking off my research into the details found when piecing together new into old, I share with you the work of McLaren.Excell. A British firm focusing on both architecture & interior residences, McLaren.Excell creates beautifully crafted spaces endowed with light, clarity of material & a contemporary aesthetic often within old stone buildings or terraced London flats. Their process often involves pairing the home down to it's basics, removing old layers and celebrating the inherent structural materials of brick, stone, timber & rubble. The new additions are carefully entertwined or simply overlayed, each allowed to speak to its use & innate beauty. I love their use of cool sleek grey concrete countertops next to ancient elm timbers or rusted Corten steel which melds perfectly with old orange-y red brick. 

Image credits to  McLaren.Excell

Image credits to McLaren.Excell