This charming little San Francisco guest house is a fantastic example of not only the blend of newly detailed components within an old brick framework, but also of an amazing economy of space similar to the cozy layout of a boat. There's something to be said about nesting all your needs of cooking, sleeping, hanging within 93 sf, although there appears to be a nice patio surrounding the house to let the living spill out if need be. I love the clean palette of the raw steel, walnut built-ins and glass against the original sand blasted brick. Designer Christi Azevedo's first love is furniture design and sourcing humble materials to create elegant solutions, which is certainly in full display in this project. Scrolling through her many residential projects is an education in craft ingenuity and novel use of space, many testing the envelope of San Francisco's narrow row house flats. The thoughtful touches here to make small seem large include the inclusion of a singular skylight above the bed and teaming it with a glass stair landing allowing natural light to illuminate the whole of the space. Not to be missed clever hidden storage and beautifully detailed double duty furniture also have the benefit of making this space live much larger than it's square footage would lead you to believe!

Image credits to  Archdaily

Image credits to Archdaily