Welcome the new


So, you may have noticed a few changes on the yellow wood site. There's been a Squarespace update out there for awhile, but I knew it would take a bit of a commitment to move everything and get everything settled in a new home and I didn't have the energy. I thought, why not take advantage of some time off over Thanksgiving to get this thing going and knock it out. Ok, well it's almost a month since my last post and it's not all together, but just enough.

There's been a lot going on during this time and I've actually missed having the outlet to write about things, but at the same time I've wrestled with moving along with this at all. This migration from my old format to the new made me re-evaluate my intent, my layout, my presentation, my font, my colors, my delivery, everything, basically, that one would see or care to read about. It's been almost 2 years since I started this site and since then I've come to realize that although at the time I felt unmotivated, there is no shortage of inspiration out there and the true task is to make it work for you, to remind yourself of what is surrounding you and what you bring to the table. That is soooo much harder to do than I expected. Of course there's a ton of wonderful design blogs out there and I don't pretend to only post my own content, I curate from all over the place. The way one thing over something else grabs my attention, or that one haunting image or that one interview inspires me; that, I realize, is the collage that creates each one of us, and that is the amazing beauty of the internet that I can share this and create a community of likeminded creative individuals. 

This idea of a community is important to me. I haven't put my finger on why it appeals to me on so many levels, or why I'm always looking to link that with this disparate that. But as this year comes to a close I look back and realize that in order to create something one must be authentic and honest and that those people that I connect to virtually have the common denominator of being real and genuine. If I'm being honest, I would tell you that I have a bad habit of defining myself by my job. If there's something negative on the job front my whole personal life is effected. Although my career is based on a foundation of critical feedback, I only hear the bad not the good. I'd like to think that I successfully keep that under wraps, but those closest to me would most likely counter that.  Where is this going? If I'm going to fight this challenge and meet it head on, I can't allow my blog to further define me in a false light. The reason I love writing my blog is because it's one of the few things I have control over and no one is looking over my shoulder giving me their opinion. 

So, to wrap this up - here is my new site. Still in progress, but that's ok. Even though I might like to have some fancy, shiny thing to share with you - this is just right for right now and I intend to further amaze you and myself with where this will go. I welcome & look forward to your comments!