Friday is one of my favorite days of the week, I can't give it the premium star treatment since it is typically a work day, but its great to have the work week in my rear view mirror! A lot goes on during the week, many web sites are researched, magazine articles are read and information is gleaned. But there's always those stories, sites or images that make you linger and those become the best of the week! I'm sure I could rally up more than a top five, but that's where I'll begin.

The week of September 15th
1. The images above are from a Community Crafters event at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs in October. Crafts, projects, art, inspiration and fun for kids & adults. All of this combined with an awesome pool surrounded by those dessert palms? Count me in! 
2. Still on the hunt for my backyard inspiration. For small scale homes, maybe a backyard studio or a magical treehouse? Look no further than this site showcasing cabins from all over the world. 
3. I love this artist. At first glance, her paintings are a party of flowers, portraits of people, people morphed into flowers? It's weird, bright and very unique. 
4. Loving Peggy Wong's photography and posts, fresh from her blog: on blue pool road
5. Lastly, I've only just begun investigating this site, but from what I can tell it looks like it has amazing potential for building community and creating fantastic learning opportunities. Weekend project with the kiddos just got more intense!