Hi, my name is Jennifer Wright. I'm a designer & blogger living in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  I make my living working at a busy architectural firm, focusing on large commercial and mixed-use projects. Outside of my day job I relish being a mom, dabbling in some urban sketching, taking my paddle board out on the Willamette River and continually learning about what influences the industry of design.

I started Yellow Wood Design in 2010 as a site devoted to creative projects, daily inspirations and informative posts. Collaborative design fueled by our collective memories derived from travel, photographs, vision, and inspirational spaces is what I enjoy the most about my projects. My strengths lie in my ability to listen, be a problem solver & take in inspiration from everything around me. I'm a lover of Palm Springs mid-century modern, California Case Study Houses and the Pacific Northwest crafting spirit - all of these interests inform how I see the world and how I create space. Interested in creating something together? Let's connect!

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